Celebrity deaths...

by Katie Bryan on August 29th, 2011

Celebrity deaths

Duane Allman – musician --- 1971 --- motorcycle accident.

John Jacob Astor -- 1912 --- drowned with the "unsinkable" Titanic.

Attila the Hun -- 453 AD --- bled to death from a nosebleed on his wedding night.

Sir Francis Bacon --1626 --- pneumonia. He was experimenting with freezing a chicken by stuffing it with snow.

Bridget Bishop -- 1692 --- 1st of the witches hung in Salem, Massachusetts. She was executed on June 10. -- (Salem witches: Almost 150 "witches" were arrested, but only 31 were tried in 1692. All 31, including 6 males, were sentenced to death. Nineteen were hanged, 2 died in jail, and 1 man was slowly pressed to death under heavy stones. None were burned.)

Anne Boleyn -- 1536 --- beheaded for adultery by request of Henry VIII.

Neil Bonnett - race car driver -- 1994 --- car crash, killed during practice at the Daytona International Speedway.

Calamity Jane (Martha Jane Canary) -- 1903 --- pneumonia following a bout of heavy drinking.

Catherine the Great - Empress of Russia -- 1796 --- a stroke, while going to the bathroom.

Cleopatra -- 30 BC --- suicide by poison, supposedly from a venomous snake.

Christopher Columbus -- 1506 --- rheumatic heart disease.

Davy Crockett - US frontiersman -- 1836 --- killed defending the Alamo. -- (Actually, Crockett survived the assault along with a few others, but was bayoneted to death by the Mexicans after they took the fort.)

Marie Curie - chemist, discovered Radium -- 1934 --- leukemia, caused by exposure to radiation.

Jeffrey Dahmer - mass murderer -- 1994 --- beaten to death with a broomstick by a fellow inmate at the Columbia Correctional Institute.

James Dean (James Byron) -- 1955 --- car crash.

John Dillinger - (1st number one criminal on FBI’s most wanted list.) -- 1934 --- killed by FBI agent Melvin Purvis.

Jessica Dubroff - (age 7) -- 1996 --- plane crash - attempting to become the youngest pilot to fly cross-country.

Marvin Gaye (Marvin Pentz Gay, Jr.) – singer -- 1984 --- murdered on his birthday by his father.

Henry Gunther -- 1918 --- last soldier killed in WWI.

Mata Hari (Gertrud Margarete Zelle) - World War I spy -- 1917 --- executed by firing squad, she refused a blindfold and threw a kiss to the executioners.

Ernest Miller Hemingway -- 1961 --- suicide with shotgun.

Margaux Hemingway (Margot Hemingway) -- 1996 --- suicide, overdose of a sedative. She was the fifth person in her family to commit suicide.

Wild Bill Hickok (James Butler Hickok) -- 1876 --- shot in the back of the head while playing poker.

Buddy Holly (Charles Hardin Holley) -- 1959 --- died in airplane crash with Ritchie Valens & the Big Bopper. The name of the plane was "American Pie."

Leslie Howard (Leslie Stainer) - actor (Ashley Wilkes in Gone With the Wind) -- 1943 --- his civilian plane was shot down by German fighter planes during WWII.

Rock Hudson (Roy Harold Scherer, Jr.) -- 1985 --- died of AIDS. He was the 1st major public figure to announce he had AIDS.

Joan of Arc (Jeanne Darc) -- 1431 --- burned at the stake for heresy and witchcraft.

Brian Jones - musician, one-time Rolling Stone -- 1969 --- drowned in his swimming pool while drunk and on drugs.

Mary Jo Kopechne -- 1969 --- drowned when the car she was a passenger in, driven by Sen. Edward Kennedy, fell off a bridge on Chappaquiddick Island, MA.

Brandon Lee – actor -- 1993 --- shot by a gun firing blanks, while filming the movie "The Crow." His missing scenes were later filled-in by computer animation.

John Lennon -- 1980 --- shot to death by a mentally ill fan.

Liberace (Wladziu Valentino Liberace) -- 1987 --- AIDS.

Carole Lombard (Jane Alice Peters) -- 1942 --- plane crash.

Christopher Marlowe – author -- 1593 --- stabbed in a tavern brawl in Deptford, England.

Butterfly McQueen (Thelma Lincoln McQueen) -- 1995 --- died of burns received when lighting kerosene heater in her apartment.

Glenn Miller - "big band" musician -- 1944 --- listed as Missing In Action, was serving as a Major in the Army Air Force Band when his plane went down over the English Channel.

Margaret Mitchell - author, Gone With the Wind -- 1949 --- On August 11, she was crossing an Atlanta street on her way to the theater when she was hit by a speeding cab. She died of her injuries five days later.

Florence Nightingale -- 1910 --- heart failure after 53 years as an invalid.

Edgar Allan Poe -- 1849 --- cerebral edema following a drinking binge. (The September 1996 Maryland Medical Journal published a study that showed Poe’s symptoms suggest rabies instead.)

Alexander Pushkin - Russian author -- 1837 --- killed in duel.

Keith Relf - musician (The Yardbirds)-- 1976 --- electrocuted playing guitar in the bathtub.

Sir William Wallace - Scottish rebel -- 1305 --- executed by being hanged for a short time, taken down still breathing and having his bowels torn out and burned. His head was then struck off, and his body divided into quarters, the punishment known as ‘hanged, drawn and quartered’. His head was placed on a pole on London Bridge, his right arm above the bridge in Newcastle, his left arm was sent to Berwick, his right foot and limb to Perth and his left quarter to Aberdeen where it was buried in what is now the wall at St. Machars Cathedral.

Tennessee Williams – writer -- 1983 --- choked to death on a nose spray bottle cap that accidentally dropped into his mouth while he was using the spray. He was 71.

Dennis Wilson - rock musician (The Beach Boys) -- 1983 --- drowned after diving from his yacht in the harbor at Marina Del Ray, California.

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